Timor-Leste Flood Relief Update
on June 4th, 2021
Our first new home following the devastating floods of Easter weekend 2021, is nearly finished. We are elated! We couldn’t wait to show you what’s happening in Timor-Leste. Families are experiencing God’s Love in Action as they receive new simple homes as a result of your heartfelt prayers and giving. #timorlesteflood #emergencyaid...  Read More
Backstory Revealed
on May 26th, 2021
Check out this video with Michael and René sharing the inspiring story of how they became the authors of this children's book, "A Place Next to Heaven". It is a testimony of prayer, and portrays an exciting real life adventure in faith. The story is written in English and Translated in Tetun, the native language of the people of Timor-Leste where they continue to serve children, widows and communi...  Read More
MFH New Students Thriving
on May 7th, 2021
We have new students on campus, and we are elated to see them thriving in new uniforms, learning, and receiving nutritious meals! Soon, you will have an opportunity to be a part of encouraging any of these precious children through our very own sponsorship program. Together we are Touching Lives. Building Futures....  Read More
Week 3 - Timor-Leste Relief Updates
on April 29th, 2021
In the midst of these challenging weeks in the low-lying areas of Timor-Leste, all is well at the My Father's Hilltop!  The children and staff are so excited to be back on campus, and we are too! The children wait their turn to check their temperatures as they arrive for class. Then, our loving teachers pour into their minds, and warm protein packed meals fill their tummies all the while showing e...  Read More
Week 2 - Special Prayer Request
on April 22nd, 2021
This is our opportunity to sow back into her life, and ministry of serving others. Thank you for joining us in prayer.  Read More
Week 1 - Emergency Relief Update
on April 11th, 2021
A week ago today, these members of seventeen families saw their entire homes washed into the sea...  Read More