Backstory Revealed

Check out this video with Michael and René sharing the inspiring story of how they became the authors of their children's book, "A Place Next to Heaven". It is a beautiful testimony of prayer, and portrays an exciting real life adventure in faith. The story is written in English and Translated in Tetum, the native language of the people of Timor-Leste where they continue to serve children, widows and communities in need with God's love.

Join them for their 1st Book Signing event at One Love Ministries, Honolulu this weekend, May 29 - 30th! Saturday at 5pm, and Sunday after 8am and 10:30 celebrations!
Books will be available for sale in Hardcover and Paperbacks. Thanks to One Love Ministries, and all for your prayerful support!  /our-new-book




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