A Special Prayer Invitation

Please share your love by taking a moment to pray for these precious little ones and their families.

Timor-Leste is struggling with their third wave of COVID-19 alongside escalating cases of Dengue Fever since the beginning of January 2022. This creates an added stress on their already challenged health system. The death toll reached in a month’s time makes it the deadliest year in recent times.

“Statistics indicate as of 31 January, there were 853 dengue cases in Dili representing 66% of the total cases reported. Of the total cases, 42% of cases have been identified in the 5-14-year-old age bracket; 36,5% identified from the group of 1-4 years old and less than 10% for the rest of the group.”

For further details read this Special Report from February 7, 2022 ReliefWeb.int.

Thank you so much for praying for children and families everywhere to Believe by faith and know God’s love;  Embrace Jesus;  Testify about how He gives hope and healing; to Receive eternal joy, peace, and salvation, and a new Life transformed by God’s love.
God’s best in you!




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