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Save the Dates!
by RENE THOMFORDE on October 27th, 2021
Saturday, November 13 at 5:30pmSunday, November 14 at 8:00am & 10:30amServing Our World will be at One Love Ministries, Hawaii! Choose a service time, or come to them all! =DDid you know that One Love Ministries has come alongside Serving Our World to build simple homes for vulnerable families in need in Timor-Leste? These divine opportunities have brought the Gospel into communities that have nev...  Read More
Timor-Leste Relief - Special Video Update
by RENE THOMFORDE on September 14th, 2021
Come along with us to Hera, Timor-Leste and see what God is doing through your prayers and support. The Good News delivered where it has never been before!   Read More
Two Families. One Story.
by RENE THOMFORDE on August 17th, 2021
Santiago Pereira, his wife Daudencia, their one-year old son, and his mother were among many who watched as their homes were washed into the Timor Sea during massive floods this past April. In much the same way, Manuel and his wife Antonia da Silva, and their 4 children in the remote village of Hera had their home utterly destroyed, and have been living with other family members. For many weeks th...  Read More
Relief in Sight!
by RENE THOMFORDE on August 10th, 2021
Construction begins on two new simple homes.  Read More
UPDATE Timor-Leste Fires
by RENE THOMFORDE on August 1st, 2021
An updated news report significantly increases the number of families affected by the fires. Although the cause remains under investigation the time of the fires has been reported to have begun around 3 AM local time, in the community of Comoro, Dili, Timor-Leste.Comoro Fire: Authorities to provide Emergency Relief for 500 fire-affected families | TATOLI Agência Noticiosa de Timor-Leste
We thank y...  Read More
URGENT Prayer Request Timor-Leste
by RENE THOMFORDE on July 29th, 2021
We have just received these recent news clippings from our Timor-Leste Director! In summary, the Prime Minister has expressed his sadness at the incident, and asked relevant government ministries to visit the site and provide emergency assistance. In the midst of COVID-19, they are now experiencing their second major catastrophe in and around the capital city of Dili. Many are still recovering due...  Read More




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