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Introducing our newest book!

A heartwarming tale of a  young girl who never gives up on her dream.
"Tutu Aloha Gets to Dance" is René's second children’s story of inspirational faith. René , a native of O’ahu, Hawaii and a born-again Christian who has fully embraced God’s plan for her life, has completed this charming and heartwarming tale of a grandmother who, through her prayers and connection to God, finds a way to make her lifelong dreams come true.

Published by Covenant Books, Thomforde’s new book is inspired by the author’s life, and a powerful reminder to never let dreams dwindle. With God’s love and guidance, Thomforde shows it is never too late in one’s life to turn one’s dreams into reality, so long as one places their faith and trust in God’s hands.

Get yours today in hardcover, paperback or digital formats. Beautiful full color illustrations, and famous island destinations like Diamond Head, Chinaman's Hat, and the Lanikai "Mokes" make this a great gift to delight everyone around the world!




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