“There’s no way as a human being I could imagine when or how we would rebuild.”

“Suddenly, this calamity unfolded in a second,” recalls Joao of Lequidoe, Timor-Leste who lives with his wife Amelia, and their five children. During the devastating rains and winds of 2021, he stood by physically disabled and helpless, and watched as the home his family had struggled to build for years was destroyed. They were nearly at the completion of the home when calamity hit! It tore the house apart; tin sheets ripped, the roof blown off, and everything inside ruined.

Joao’s burden was so heavy. He said, “There’s no way as a human being I could imagine when or how we would rebuild.”

Then, Joao and his family Received God’s love through you and One Love Ministries, who provided for S.O.W. to arrive and build their new home. Joao and his family fellowshipped with the team every step of the way encouraging one another. In the end, it was God’s love that built their home. Together they gathered, prayed and dedicated the new house to the Lord, to be a house of loving and caring for family, neighbors and community.

“It is so wonderful to sit in the house! We thank you very much for each of you who has given and building this house for our family! God bless you!,” said Joao.
This is a BETR Life! “T” - Testifying about how good God is. Sharing the evidence with others about how God has shown up and revealed His love in tangible ways. Joao and his family’s faith encouraged by the miraculous hand of God on their life; providing for them when they couldn’t provide for themselves. A BETR Life is a reality for them as they have RECEIVED God’s love through your GIVING and prayers.
Your GIVING helps us to respond quickly when needs of families just like Joao and Amelia's arise. Give today!

B -  Believe God
E -  Embrace his love
T - Testify about His faithfulness
R - Receive all He desires for you
Life - Celebrate a life filled with the Joy of the Lord

Thank you for being a part of a “God’s Love in Action” that leads to a BETR Life!




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