Touching Lives.  Building Futures.

Nutrition Programs

Through our supplemental nutrition program we are able to provide nutritious meals each week packed with protein and vegetables to children in need.  


In remote communities, often children do not have access to education.  Our program sees that children in need have an opportunity to learn.

Child Sponsorships

Sponsor a child today! When you sponsor a child they become a part of your extended family, and you provide them with  education, meals, clothing in a loving Christ centered environment.

Emergency Relief

From the 2004's Tsunami in Thailand, to the cyclone of 2008 in Myanmar, and Timor-Leste floods of 2021, S.O.W. has responded to serve and provide relief for those in need.

Medical Aid

In remote villages, often there is a severe lack of medical care. We work with international organizations to build clinics and a birthing center.

Buildings & Planning

Providing services in remote villages requires new structures. This is where vocational training naturally fits in our plans as we strengthen communities.

What We Do

Since 2003, our mission has remained the same to reach and be a voice for those in need in remote areas; to care and serve orphans and widows in need. We focus on a wholistic approach building relationships, and gathering and strengthening communities to work together. All this while instilling the hope and peace of Christ.

Our Story is Here!

This is our story of faith, based on real-life events. Jump in with your children to see how trusting God leads to wonderful adventures. It began with Michael answering a call to be a voice for the poor and the needy,
and led us to “A Place Next to Heaven.”

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