My Father's Hilltop

Nutrition Program

At our My Father's Hilltop, Child & Family Learning Campus in the remote village
of Lequidoe, Timor-Leste we  are able to reach local children who suffer with malnutrition. We know a  healthy nutritious diet is something many of us take for granted, but in remote villages where there
 are few jobs, and no grocery stores it is a challenge for familiies to provide even a daily meal for growing children. Through our supplemental nutrition program we are able to provide nutritious meals each week packed with protein and vegetables children in need. All the necessary foods purchased in the city are transported up the mountain on areas of rough terrain to the village, and prepared fresh by our
loving and committed staff. The meals are served in love and thanksgiving to God
alongside our supplemental education program.

Delivery Days

Deliveries of bundles of food staples, hygiene items, and love routinely arrive safely on the Hilltop!