Outreaches are a part of our DNA at Serving Our World. They are a beautiful way to reach many that come from surrounding villages to one place to receive hope, encouragement and relief.

2021 Timor-Leste Aid

On the weekend of April 3, 2021, areas of Timor-Leste suffered devastating floods.  Serving Our World arrived to provide clean drinking water, Care Bags of essential food and hygiene items, and stepped into provide hope and new homes for families whose homes had been washed into the Timor Sea. God has made a way where there seemed no way, and the Good News of Jesus Christ was delivered where it had never been heard before!

2008  East Timor Olympics

S.O.W. hosted the first ever Olympic style games serving over 20,000 people. Here is a comment made in August 2008 by the local district president,
"The work of Serving Our World has really benefited our children, giving them education and meals, reaching out to our youth. The Olympicsis bringing unity, peace and friendship, encouraging us to love each other as brothers and sisters. We are all working hard, we have hope for the future of the Lequidoe community again. I want to say thank you!

2004 Thailand Tsunami Aid

Serving Our World arrived providing new homes for devastated families.