Week 3 - Timor-Leste Relief Updates

My Father's Hilltop 

In the midst of these challenging weeks in the low-lying areas of Timor-Leste, all is well at the My Father's Hilltop!  The children and staff are so excited to be back on campus, and we are too! The children wait their turn to check their temperatures as they arrive for class. Then, our loving teachers pour into their minds, and warm protein packed meals fill their tummies all the while showing each they are valued and loved by God.
We are all thrilled, and thank our dear sponsors & supporters who have continued to pray and provide for the needs of our students, staff, and their families throughout COVID-19.

Nurse Branca Update

Thank you so much for the amazing support for Nurse Branca! We reached our goal to assist her with major mud removal from her home and property, and replacing essentials that were lost in the catastrophic flood Easter weekend. Thank you again for joining us in prayer and support of this wonderful servant of God in Timor-Leste!

COVID-19 & Flood Impact Update

The government of Timor-Leste continues to extend their State of Emergency, and its installation of a "sanitary fence" around the capital city of Dili in response to COVID 19 prevention, and dual state of calamity due to the heavy rains, flooding, and landslides of the weekend of April 4 that have affected more than 25,000 families, 34 lives lost, and 4,546 homes destroyed or damaged. In the capital city of Dili alone there have been 11,104 people who have been displaced.
We are diligently working with local families and community leaders to develop plans, and source materials as we work together to build relationships, and new homes for displaced families in Hera, one of the hardest hit communities.
Inspite of the sanitary fence, S.O.W. has received permission to continue to provide services and assistance, and we are able to meet our staff from My Father's Hilltop at the "sanitary fence" to transfer our necessary staple food supplies to meet the needs of the remote Lequidoe community that we serve. Our mission continues… together we Touch Lives and Build Futures.




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