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This is our story of faith, based on real-life events. Jump in with your children to see how trusting God leads to wonderful adventures. Our story began with Michael answering a call to be a voice for the poor and the needy, and led us to “A Place Next to Heaven.”

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We've put together this 10 page guide with engaging thought provoking questions and activities for you to share with your students and children.
It's filled with opportunities to learn about hearing God, exercising faith, and being a missionary for Christ.
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"A wonderful book, not only for children but also for adults! I love the way the authors, Mike and Rene Thomforde share their experience of being obedient to God. They are choice servants of our Father, by being His hands, feet, eyes, ears and mouth in "A Place Next to Heaven." My grandchildren, ages 4 and 2 LOVE the story and the illustrations."
- R. Choy

God's Goodness

"Michael and Rene Thomforde use a simple story to share with children of both cultures, how God calls us to fulfill His plan for each one of us.
those who step out in faith and lead by example, give us the true meaning of Gods great commission to believers.
I pray the next generation will continue to read and enjoy this book and many more to follow."
- Gootz


"Truly inspired by God, and useful for sharing His love and hope in every circumstance with children and adults.
It reminds me of Jesus’s parables that are often short, yet packed full with lessons that help us live a beautiful life with our Heavenly Father.
 It touches hearts with excitement, anticipation, trials, victory, and joy! This is great for Home school lessons and Sunday school curriculums! Enjoyed it!"

An Incredible Testimony... 

"… about the blessings of obedience unto God. A simple and beautifully written/illustrated book that any age can enjoy.
It was a joy to experience in each page the genuine faith and great blessings of obedience unto God.
I didn’t want the story to end...when are you coming out with the next one?"
- C. Lara 

"A Place Next to Heaven" - The Backstory

Michael and René share the inspiring story of how they became the authors of their children's book that is a beautiful testimony of prayer, and an exciting adventure in faith. "A Place Next to Heaven" is written in English, and Translated in Tetum the native language of the people of Timor-Leste where they continue to serve children, widows and communities in need with God's love. #kindle your faith #igniteyourstory

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