Life is all about people
Each year, millions of girls and boys are exploited - they are raped, enslaved in the global sex trade, or sold and trafficked in a multi-billion dollar industry. Serving Our World, with your help has loving homes ready to provide protection, recovery, and TOTAL care to help them to build a lasting future.
Your donation WILL change the course of their lives; help us rescue more children today before it’s to late. In Thailand alone every 4 minutes another childhood is lost and the horror begins. Be the one to reach out and make a world of difference.
Who we are
Serving Our World is committed to building long-term community benefits for the people in East Timor and Thailand. With over 18 years experience in humanitarian efforts, our vision is to bring relief to the families where it is needed most. Please join us in this effort by becoming a member of the Serving Our World family...
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Serving Our World with your help, can make a lasting and monumental difference. The projects that we are working on will involve building schools, day centers, homes, clinics and much more. We need you to accomplish this and there are no donations too small...
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